Security & Health & Safety

Updated September 2022

Illnesses / accidents at school

We have qualified First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders in school.

Please ensure that school is notified in writing of any health/medical/allergy details.  It is extremely important that this information is up to date and that we have current emergency contact details.

During September, parents/guardians receive their child’s PLASC details which include medical information – parents should ensure that they check and amend this information and return the form to school as soon as possible.

Illness.  If a child is unwell at school, First Aiders will be consulted and if deemed necessary, we will contact those listed on the child’s contact details.  This will be by telephone and/or text message using the Schoolcomms system (text messages can only be sent to contact details set as Priority number 1 on the Schoolcomms communication system).

Injury.  Any minor cuts/bruises will be treated by our First Aiders and an explanation slip will be sent home with the child.  If a child receives any type of head injury, it is our policy to contact the parents/carers of the child and ask them to visit the child so that they can decide if the child needs to see a medical practitioner.  An explanation slip will also be provided.   If it is suspected that a child may have a more serious injury such as a broken bone, the child’s parents/carers will be contacted.  The Headteacher (or Deputy) and First Aiders will decide whether the child needs urgent hospital treatment.  In this case, the Headteacher (or Deputy) and another member of staff will take the child to Llandudno Hospital. In the rare event of a medical emergency, an ambulance will be called.

Administering Medication

Staff are not permitted to administer medication.   In most cases, parents are expected to visit school to administer any medication for example, at lunch time.  Please contact the Headteacher if you have any questions.

If your child has a particular medical issue e.g. needs an epi-pen due to an allergy or diabetes, an Individual Health Plan/Action Plan will be in place for your child.  Any medicines/equipment needed in an emergency will be kept in a lockable medicine cabinet in school.

School Nurse

The School Nurse supports families and children with –

  • Immunisations
  • Vision and Audiology Screening
  • Weight and Height measurements
  • Those in need or at risk
  • Reducing high risk behaviour – re drug and alcohol use, substance misuse, smoking
  • Emotional support – bullying, family breakdown, anxiety, relationship problems
  • Prevention and management of illness, infection and injury
  • Continence advice
  • Advice & support re managing long term conditions
  • Participating in research and the education and training of students

If you would like to speak to the School Nurse, please call 03000 851984

Pupil Safety

PARKING OUTSIDE SCHOOL – parents must adhere to the parking restrictions outside school.

Pupils arriving and leaving school routines – morning and afternoon

It is vital for the safety of pupils, staff and other adults that we all adhere to the following arrangements for bringing pupils to school in the morning and collecting them at the end of the day.

Arriving in the Morning

We have staff on duty on the school premises from 8.50am when the Junior and Infant Gates will open.  Only pupils who are registered with and actually attend the school’s Breakfast Club will be supervised before this time.

Once the gates are locked, late arrivals, both juniors and infants, should arrive via the main reception entrance.  There will be no access for pupils to the school from reception before 9.00am.

At the end of the school day – Infants

Infant pupils finish school at 3.00pm.  Parents/Guardians of pupils in Infant classes can gain access onto the infant playground area via the gate at the infant end of the school.

Parents/Guardians will be able to receive their children from the infant staff on the infant yard.  Once Parents/Guardians have collected their children from the infant classes they should then leave the school premises via the gate at the infant end of the building.

This is very important.  The school grounds are an extension of the classrooms and are important teaching areas.  Parents/Guardians with infant pupils must not remain on the premises between 3.00pm and 3.15pm in order to wait for children who are in junior classes to finish school.

We ask very kindly that you adhere to this arrangement as it is a matter of child protection and health and safety.  It is also extremely distracting for pupils and teachers who are still in lessons (in classes and on the yard/school field) until 3.15pm.

At the end of the school day – Juniors

The gate at the junior and of the school will remain locked until just before 3pm. 

When the junior gate opens at the end of the day, parents will be encouraged to come onto the yard to collect their children from outside their classroom door. Please respect social distancing rules and avoid disturbing lessons if they have not finished. Also, there will be no access allowed directly from the infants’ playground to the junior playground.

Staff Car Park

The blue main school gates will be closed from 9am.  They will be re-opened at lunchtime and then closed until 3.15pm.  Delivery vans should not enter the staff car park during school hours.


Any visitors to the school must report to reception immediately upon arrival and sign-in.

Where possible, maintenance work is carried outside school hours.

If a parent wishes to meet their child’s teacher, they must do so via the school reception – their request will be dealt with by the receptionist.

Parents are not allowed to enter the school during school hours unsupervised.

The doors leading from Reception to the School are locked.


The school has CCTV cameras covering the outside area of the school as well as one camera in the ‘link’ area outside reception.

Fire Drills

These are held termly.  The whole school evacuates at the sound of the alarm and congregate on school yards.

School Trips / Visits

Visits are Risk Assessed and must be signed off by the Headteacher or Deputy.