Page updated April 2021


From September 2020

Dosbarth Penrhyn Mrs Anna Owen

Dosbarth Gogarth Mrs Amanda Morgan Roberts and Mrs Bethan Parkes

Teaching AssistantsMrs Liz Hughes, Mrs Beryl Griffith and Mrs Sharn Clowes.



Welcome to the Reception Class. Full-time school is a big step and we aim to make it a happy and welcoming change for your child.

Summer Term 2021


This topic provides a great opportunity for the children to learn about the world around them and to appreciate and take care of their environment.

We will cover aspects such as:

  • Changes in our environment
  • Planting
  • Life Cycles


  • We will be continuing with the Jolly Phonics literacy scheme to learn the letter sounds and to blend letter sounds together to read and write simple CVC words.
  • Learn the next set of Tricky Words
  • Introduce the Diagraphs sh, ch, th ,qu, ng
  • Explore Non Fiction Books


Our main mathematical concepts will include:

  • Measuring – Capacity, Length and weight
  • Data Sorting and Grouping
  • Counting forwards and backwards from different starting points within 10, including counting in two’s to 10/and counting up in tens to 100.
  • Estimating
  • Exploring the properties of simple 3D shapes.
  • Addition and subtraction



Let’s Celebrate!

Let’s Celebrate is our theme this Spring Term.  Our topic is introduced mainly through the medium of stories and by observing annual Celebrations such as Chinese New Year and St David’s Day.

We will cover aspects such as:

Birthdays – Growing Older.  We will reflect on growing up and look at the changes from being a baby to the age you are now.

Cultural Celebrations – We will learn about celebrations around the world such as Chinese New Year,  along with Welsh Celebrations such as Santes Dwynwen and Dydd Gwyl Dewi.

Winter & Spring – We will celebrate the Winter Seasons by learning about cold weather and how it affects us and the world around us. We will learn about animals in colder regions. We will celebrate the beginning of Spring and observe the changes in the seasons and reflect on new beginnings.


We will be continuing with the Jolly Phonics literacy scheme to learn the letter sounds and begin to blend sound together to read and write simple cvc words.


Our main mathematical concepts will include:

Money – recognising coins and using role play to pay for items.

Ordering and sequencing numbers.

Counting forwards and backwards, including counting in two’s and counting up in tens to 100.

Exploring the properties of simple 3D shapes.

Using simple addition and subtraction

The Foundation Phase

In the Reception class, we work on seven areas of learning:

  • Personal and social development, wellbeing and cultural diversity.
  • Language, literacy and communication skills
  • Mathematical development
  • Welsh language development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the World
  • Physical development
  • Creative development.

The Foundation Phase is about enhancing the learning experiences which enable children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun while learning. Children will be given more opportunities to explore the world around them and to understand how things work through engaging in practical activities which are fun, enjoyable and relevant to their developmental stages.

Day to Day

Please notify the school office before 9.30am if your child is absent from school.  Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if there is a change of address, telephone contact numbers or medical needs. We also need to know who is collecting your child from school and if there is ever a change of arrangements.  If you experience a problem with head lice please notify us at once. We would appreciate if you could keep your child at home until treated appropriately.

Fruit Club – currently suspended (Covid-19)

After playtime each day we have a drink and milk (or water if preferred) and a piece of fruit. The under 5’s have a weekly fruit club at the cost of £1 and your child will receive a healthy fruit snack every day for that week. Please send the £1 into the classroom (in an envelope marked with your child’s name) every Monday. Alternatively, parents can pay for fruit in advance for the half term.

School Dinners – £13.75 per week

The present cost is £2.75 per day for Infants and Juniors.

Meals are paid by for via Parent Pay. Please e-mail the school office if you can’t log in.

PE sessions – Covid update – No PE kits will be needed until further notice. There is plenty of opportunity for physical activities during the school week.

PE sessions will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please provide black shorts, white t-shirt and pumps/plimsolls in a small bag – all with names on. These can be kept in school and sent home at the end of every half term.  During Summer term, weather permitting, PE sessions will take part outside – your child will therefore need pumps/trainers in their bags as well as shorts and t-shirts.