Parents Involvement

Education is a partnership and this can take many forms.

This school cannot succeed without the support of parents.  We therefore urge you to take an interest in your children’s education and to support the school in its work and its public activities.

The first meeting of the Parent Partnership Group was held in October 2022 where the Curriculum Rationale was discussed amongst other things.

Parents will be invited to several activities during the school year e.g. Harvest Service, Christmas Concerts/Services, Sports Day and Parents Evenings etc.  It is appreciated that parents may wish to discuss aspects of their children’s development at other times and this can be arranged by making prior arrangements with the class teacher.

Any parent who wishes to discuss any aspect of their children’s education can also arrange to do so by contacting the Headteacher.

Every parent is asked to sign and return our Home School Agreement when their child starts school.


The school has a very active Parent Teacher Association and every parent or guardian is regarded as being a member.  We are very lucky to have a great PTA at the school.

The PTA organise Christmas Fairs, Film Nights, Discos, Summer Fair and Sponsored Walks along with other fund raising activities.  If you are a parent at Craig y Don, you are more than welcome to attend meetings and lend a hand in their endeavours.

Dates of PTA meetings are given in the Letters from the Headteacher.