Updated: January 2023

The Nursery Class is taught by Mrs Anna Owen, Mrs Bethan Parkes and Mrs Amanda Morgan-Roberts.

They are supported by a Classroom Assistants – Mrs Sharn Clowes, Mrs Eleri Jones, Ms Carol Owen and Mrs Josie Davies.


In the Early Years Department, we work on six areas of learning:

  • Humanities
  • Language, literacy and communication skills
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Science and Technology
  • Expressive Arts
  • Health and Well-being


The Early Years is about enhancing the learning experiences which enable children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun while learning. Children will be given more opportunities to explore the world around them and to understand how things work through engaging in practical activities which are fun, enjoyable and relevant to their developmental stages.


Please notify the school office before 9.30am if your child is absent from school.  Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if there is a change of address, telephone contact numbers or medical needs. We also need to know who is collecting your child from school and if there is ever a change of arrangements.  In the event of sickness/vomiting and diarrhoea please be sure that your child does not attend school again until 48 hours clear of the last episode of sickness and/or diarrhoea. Also, If you experience a problem with head lice please notify us at once. We would appreciate if you could keep your child at home until treated appropriately.

School Uniform: Please help us by labelling all items of clothing clearly with your child’s name. 

Medication: Our staff CAN NOT administer medication to children. If children are taking medication, parents should seriously consider whether their child is well enough to attend school. If parents feel children are well enough to attend but need medication, parents must bring the medication to school and administer it themselves.

Holidays: Leave of Absence Forms are available from the School Office. Please allow four weeks for the forms to be processed or alternatively email the school with your full request e.g. pupil name, class and dates

School Meals: All Reception children are eligible for a free school meal. If you are on low income it is important  for you to make an application for Free School Meals for your children regardless of the universal provision because the Free School Meals Benefit eligibility makes other benefits available to you.


After playtime each day we have a drink and milk (or water if preferred) and a piece of fruit. The Early Years have a weekly fruit club at the cost of £1 and your child will receive a healthy fruit snack every day for that week. Please send the £1 into the classroom (in an envelope marked with your child’s name) every Monday. Alternatively, parents can pay for fruit in advance for the half term.


Please provide black shorts, white t-shirt and pumps/plimsoles (Pumps/plimsoles only for Nursery children) in a small bag – all with names on. These can be kept in school and sent home at the end of every half term.  During Summer term, weather permitting, PE sessions will take part outside – your child will therefore need pumps/trainers in their bags as well as shorts and t-shirts.


Reading Bags are sent home every Tuesday and are to be returned on the following Monday. This will include either a story book to read and share with your child or a very simple, structured reading book for your child to read. Reading books are chosen carefully by the teacher in accordance with their contents. This supports the shared and individual reading strategies that are used in class to develop each child’s reading at an appropriate pace.

2023 SPRING TERM THEME – Trafnidiaeth – Transport

This half term we will be exploring the topic “Transport”. Our topic is introduced mainly through the medium of stories such as ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’, and ‘Down at the Station’. We will continue to celebrate the Winter Season by learning about cold weather and how it affects us and the world around us, and we will celebrate the beginning of Spring and observe the changes in the seasons and reflect on new beginnings.



We will be continuing with the Jolly Phonics literacy scheme to learn the letter sounds and begin to blend and segment letter sounds to read and write simple CVC words.


We will continue with Phase 1 Jolly Phonics and introduce Phase 2 sounds through sounds and stories.


Our main mathematical concepts will include:

  • Money – recognising coins and using role play to pay for items.
  • Ordering and sequencing numbers.
  • Counting forwards and backwards – Reception Class Counting in two’s and counting up in tens to 100.
  • Exploring the properties of 2D shapes and simple 3D shapes.
  • Using simple addition and subtraction – Nursery Class – More or Less

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment at reception to speak to the class teacher.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Mrs Roberts

Mrs Owen

Mrs Parkes