Nursery and Reception Classes Sing-along Thursday March 3rd

As part of St David’s Day celebrations, we have organised a sing-along for the children attending Nursery and Reception classes. Developing musical awareness and singing for enjoyment are important elements of the children’s creative development. Parents/Guardians/grandparents are welcome to come … Read More

New Website Treasure Hunt – Year 6

These were some of our Year 6 pupils trying out their navigation skills on our new website.  They completed a website Treasure Hunt and were extremely successful! This is good news for parents as the children themselves found these tasks … Read More

Additional Activities

The school encourages the children to play many varied musical instruments including harp, guitar, drums, brass, woodwind, keyboard and violin. Peripatetic music teachers visit the school to give woodwind, brass, percussion, singing, guitar, keyboard and harp lessons for a fee. … Read More

Breakfast Club

There is no charge for Breakfast Club as this is a Welsh Government initiative. Children must arrive between 8.20am and 8.40am. It is not possible for children arriving later than this to enter Breakfast Club. Cereal with milk, toast, fruit … Read More

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