Letter from the Headteacher 21st December

Dear Parents/Guardians                                                                     

Season’s Greetings! The holidays are upon us and we are all, the pupils and the staff, looking forward to a well-deserved break and an opportunity to relax and recharge the batteries and spend quality time with our families.

It doesn’t always work out quite like that at Christmas, though, does it? The Yuletide is all too often a busy, hectic time for families, a time that brings with it its own brand of stresses and strains. You know the kind of thing; will the Turkey defrost on time? Why won’t the cat stay out of the tree? What do we get for Uncle Fred? He’s only got one pair of feet and we’ve bought him slippers three years on the trot. At least this year there’s only a few days holiday before Christmas, so the kids won’t get too bored waiting for Christmas day. And then there’s the financial burden, the pressure to buy that new phone, the latest games console, that flashy tablet. On top of all that there’s the many thousands of calories lying around in the form of chocolate, sausage rolls, mince pies, chocolate, cheese, Christmas dinner, chocolate, trifle and of course chocolate. It’s ok though, we’ll all join the gym again in January and start that diet that Gwyneth Paltrow’s created from clay and grass.

We are constantly bombarded by commercial messages from companies who feel they have the monopoly on the provision of Christmas joy, that they have it all wrapped up for us. It can’t be Christmas until the Coca Cola lorry rolls into town, can it? It reminds me of the episode of The Good Life when Fortnum and Masons didn’t deliver the Christmas order to Margo and Jerry and Christmas was cancelled until the Good’s stepped in. Check it out – it might be on over Christmas.

But despite all that, and certainly not because of it, I think this time of year is wonderful. Christmas is the time when we all come together. My children will be home from different parts of the country and we’ll spend time with grandparents, cousins, in laws, outlaws, friends and neighbours. The juniors reminded us of this in their Christmas concert at St Paul’s this week. In fact it was Tim Peake who said that Christmas was a time to come together and celebrate, a sentiment that has never been more important than at the present time. Nice one Tim!

It was a brilliant concert. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Miracle in a Manger performed by the pupils in Reception and years 1 and 2. It was just lovely. I wonder if King Herod has ever received a round of applause anywhere else. And the Meithrin pupils. What a performance. Never before have bells been jingled with such enthusiasm. I must thank the staff for all their hard work in staging these concerts and I’m pleased to say that the feedback I’ve received from parents and friends of the school who saw the shows has been very positive and gratefully received. Believe me, it’s not an easy undertaking putting on these shows. It takes energy and enthusiasm from all those involved and it is always a relief when the last show finishes and all has gone well.

This year again the ticketing system worked a treat. It brings fairness to the undertaking and has contributed greatly to the health and safety of those in the audience and those on the stage. But it is a complicated business that takes a lot of time and effort and no little patience and I thank Mrs Walsh and Mrs Thay for all their hard work in ensuring the system works, and works well. Indeed, on your behalf, I will thank them for all their hard work in dealing with all your requests and enquiries throughout the year.

The school choir goes from strength to strength. This term they have performed at the Blind Veterans Dinner Club Christmas Dinner, The Community Centre, Llandudno Christmas fair and Queen Elizabeth Court. Year Two also performed their Christmas Show for the residents at Queen Elizabeth Court. The pupils responded and performed so, so well and were incredibly well received. That our school can reach out and bring joy to others is a wonderful thing. Da iawn blant.

ALAW WARD DONATIONS: Many many thanks to all those who donated during the Christmas Concerts and participated in the Christmas Jumper Day yesterday. We have raised a grant total of £1017.01 towards Alaw Ward, Ysbyty Gwynedd where Mrs Hughes is receiving her treatment which is absolutely fantastic! Thank you everyone!

PTA CHRISTMAS FAYRE: We raised a total of £1,500 this year – many thanks to everyone for their help and support.

URDD MEMBERSHIP REMINDER: You have until 10th January to join the Urdd for £7. After this date, the cost will be £10 per child.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB UPDATES – please note the following – finishing/start dates.

Dragon Sports – re-starting Monday 14th January.

Netball – re-starting 14th January

Cookery Club – Year 6 – as advised in individual letters.

Rugby – re-starting Wednesday 16th January

Tri-Golf sessions will not be resume until some point in February – start date to be advised.

Clwb Urdd – re-starting Thursday 17th January.

Ty Llywelyn After School Club – re-starting w/c 14th January.

Back to School Dates:

Staff Training Day: Monday 7th January (no school for children)

Tuesday 8th January – children back to school.

A Calendar of School dates for the New Year has been e-mailed separately to parents today.

So we’ve reached the end of term and Christmas is upon us. I wish you all, staff, pupils, parents, and the wider school community all the very best for the holidays. Peace and Good Will to you all.

Merry Christmas


Iwan Lloyd Jones, Headteacher

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”