Letter from Headteacher 8th June 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                                                                  8th June 2018

JUNIORS SPORTS DAY – 28th June 2018. Please accept our apologies. The times of the Sports Days have now changed again and are as follows –

YEARS 3 & 4 SPORTS DAY: Thursday 28th June 10am – 12 noon and Years 5 & 6 SPORTS DAY: Thursday 28th June 1.30 – 3.30pm

BIKE SHED: Mrs Louise Davis-Owen and pupils from year six have been very busy today clearing and cleaning the bike shed. It was in an awful state. Bikes/scooters/skateboards etc. all over the place and it was filthy because of all the equipment in the way meaning it couldn’t be cleaned properly.

They have done an amazing job and the shed is now clean and tidy. We want it to remain that way. This is what we expect from all pupils from now on.

  • All bikes/scooters/skateboards etc. are stored carefully and neatly.
  • All bikes/scooters/skateboards are taken home at the end of each day
  • That every bike/scooter/skateboard has the owner’s name clearly marked, eg, etched or in permanent marker
  • That every pupil respects the shed and keeps it neat and tidy
  • That every pupil respects each other’s property.

There are a significant number of items that have not moved from the shed for a considerable length of time. Any item left in the shed at the end of the day on Wednesday next week will be removed.

From that point on, any item left at the end of the school day will be placed in lost property.

Thank you to Mrs Louise Davis-Owen and the pupils for the fantastic job they’ve done.

Iwan Jones

Ps, this is an appeal directly from the heart.


Whether that be items of school uniform, lunch boxes or bikes etc. So many of you shop at the same stores and buy the same articles that it is impossible to tell them apart if their name is not clearly marked on them. It would resolve any issues quickly and easily if we could tell what belonged to who.