Letter from Headteacher 16th October

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                       16 October 2020

Changes to collection times for Juniors – reminder

We are constantly reviewing the measures we have in place and tweaking our approach. One area of the school day which is causing us concern is lunchtime now that the weather is changing for the worse. Essentially, with wet weather, it is a long time for pupils to sit in their classes over lunchtime when it is raining outside. We do try to let them play outside as much as we possibly can, but it is inevitable that as winter draws in this will not always be possible. Therefore, we have made the decision to reduce the length of the lunchtime break and to finish the school day a little earlier. This change to the end of the school day will only affect the pupils in junior classes from year three to year six. After the half term, from Tuesday 3rd November, (Monday 2nd is a training day) pupils in years three and four will be leaving at 3.10pm and pupils in years 5 and 6 will be leaving at 3.15pm. Hopefully, for many of you, this will also mean that you don’t have such a long delay between collecting your children from the infants and meeting your children from the juniors.

OCTOBER HALF TERM – We will finish school today.  Pupils will return to school on Tuesday 3rd November as there is a staff training day on Monday 2nd November.

IMPORTANT – CHANGES TO FREE SCHOOL MEALS – The Welsh Government have decided to pay a lump sum allowance into parents/carers bank accounts that will cover the 2 week half-term period that your child/children won’t be in school.  If the bank details parents/carers provided haven’t changed since the last direct payment was made, 20/8/20, then you are not required to provide any additional information. However, if your account details have changed, or if your child/ren have only been eligible for Free School Meals since the 1/9/20 and you haven’t provided bank details, then please register/re-register your details via the below link (website to go live 17/10/20) –


All submissions/re-submissions must be completed by no later than 23/10/20.

NURSERY PLACES SEPTEMBER 2021: Please find attached information on how you can apply on-line for a Nursery place at our school if you have a child who is 3 before August 31st 2021. Applications are to be done on-line at www.conwy.gov.uk/admissions please.

RECEPTION CLASS PLACES SEPTEMBER 2021: If your child is currently in our Nursery Class, you will need to apply for a place for your child in Reception class for September 2021. Applications are to be done on-line at www.conwy.gov.uk/admissions please.                                                                                       

Help your child with reading – free online course for parents

This online course will help parents become confident in some basic techniques to support their child in learning to read. We will look at a range of literacy strategies and how to use them at home, demonstrate some fun activities and games and discuss homemade and commercial resources to support a child’s reading.


Appropriate Clothing Reminder – pupils will need waterproof coats, warm clothes, hats, gloves, scarves etc. in order to make the most of the outdoors and the fresh air. But please, put their names on the labels. It makes life so much easier.

TEMPEST PHOTOGRAPHY REMINDER: Tempest photography will not be visiting before Christmas to take individual photographs of the pupils.  We have arranged a provisional date in January and the situation re. Covid-19 will be reviewed then.

School Information Reminder –Please continue to check our school website and Twitter page for any updates and photos/videos. The letters from the Headteacher can be found on the News section and in particular, there is also Class information available.


Contacting school – just a reminder that parents/carers should please contact us via e-mail with general queries.  Please only phone the school if urgent or to explain absences

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely

Iwan Lloyd Jones, Headteacher