Information e-mailed to parents 14.9.20

COVID-19-symptoms and testing: A Guidance for Parents/Carers September 2020 (Public Health Guidance can be found on the link at the bottom of this page


If your child has symptoms

In line with Public Heath Wales Guidance, if your child experiences any of the following symptoms either at home or at the school setting, urgent action is required.

    • A high temperature > 37.80C
    • A new continuous cough
  • Loss of, or a change in sense of smell or taste

If your child experiences any of the above symptoms at home you need to urgently arrange a Coronavirus test and not send your child or any sibling into school (even if it’s a different school) until the test result has been returned.

If your child experiences any of the above symptoms while at school, the school will make immediate contact with you to collect your child (and their siblings). You must then book a test immediately.

What do I do if my child is unwell and not displaying any of the above specific Covid 19 related symptoms?

Public Health Wales have confirmed that schools should be following the general infection control advice which they would have been following pre Covid i.e.students with diarrhoea/vomiting should not be in school until 48 hour symptom free, those with cold symptoms should not be in school whilst exhibiting symptoms and can return to school when they feel well enough.

For all other illnesses and symptoms which are not Covid-19, you and your school must follow the usual processes. Your school has a list of medical conditions and the expected length of absence published by Public Health Wales. Telephone 119 if you are unsure about your child’s condition.

How to book a test

You can book an online test for your child to attend the Llandudno ‘drive-thru’ centre through this link or alternatively on the same link you can order a home test kit if you cannot physically get to a test site.

From day 1 to 4 of your child’s symptoms, you can get tested at a testing site or at home. If it’s day 5 of your child experiencing the above symptoms then you need to go to a test site. It’s then too late to order a home test kit.

If your child is unable to get a test in the first 5 days of having symptoms, anyone within the household must stay at home (self-isolate). Anyone in your support bubble must also stay at home.

If for any reason you have no access to the online system then you can alternatively book a test for your child by telephoning 119. People with hearing or speech difficulties can call 18001 119. The contact centre is open from 7am until 11pm. If you have been unable to access a testing facility or request a home test then contact your schools, they might be able to provide you with a home testing kit under certain circumstances.

What the test involves:

The test involves taking a swab from the inside of your child’s nose and the back of the throat, using a long cotton bud. Your child is able to do the swab (if aged 12 or over) or you can choose to swab your child. Parents/ carers must swab test children aged 11 or under.

What to do after you receive your child’s result:

Negative result – all pupils from household can return to school and other members of the house and bubble can stop self-isolating.

Positive results – the pupils must self-isolate in line with the most up to date Welsh Government guidance. In addition any household members or bubble must self-isolate in line with Welsh Government guidelines. Should any further household/bubble member subsequently develop symptoms themselves at a later stage, then they must self-isolate in line with Welsh Government guidelines for 10 days from their symptoms and book a test.

* If your child’s test returns positive, you will need to make contact with the child’s school and inform other schools where siblings attend.

What happens at the school?

There will be no need to close the school or part of the school and no expectation that other parents will need keep their children home from school.

If the test is positive, the ‘Test Trace and Protect (TTP)’ team will advise the school on what action will be required. The team will also get in touch with all relevant contacts and advise them on any further requirements. It is only after a positive case has been confirmed that consideration will be given to closing part of the school or the whole school.

Public Health Guidance can be found by following this link below –

Public Health Guidance