Good Luck Mr Jones in the London Marathon! Pob Lwc!

Marathon 009

We asked the children some questions about Mr Jones and the London Marathon ….

Where is Mr Jones going this weekend?

  • “Bonkerz” (Nursery Class)
  • “Far far away by the Queen” (Nursery)
  • “To meet the Queen for coffee and pastries” (Year 3)

What is Mr Jones doing this weekend?

“Trying to win the race for Ysgol Craig y Don” (Nursery)

What is a Marathon?

  • “There are grown up rides in a marathon – a big wheel and a dinosaur with the queen” (Nursery)
  • “It doesn’t matter if he wins or loses because he’s doing it for charity and that’s all that matters.” The elite take it as a race and they want to win, but the people from around the world just want to find out how much time it takes. People compete against themselves to find their personal best.  The only person you’re racing against is yourself” (Year 6)

How long is a marathon?

  • “Long. Longer than the sky and an aeroplane” (Nursery)
  • “Very very very long!”(Reception)
  • “A long run that goes on nearly forever” (Year 3)
  • “A marathon is a 26 mile race.” (Year 6)

What tips could we give Mr Jones?

  • “We love you Mr Jones” (Reception)
  • “Use your arms” “Don’t stop!”
  • “Run slow first and then fast” (Years 1&2)
  • “Never give up” (Years 1&2)          “Don’t chat!” (Years 1&2)
  • “Stop for the toilet before you start!” (Year 3)
  • “Keep a good pace then sprint finish” (Year 3)
  • “NEVER give up” (Year 5)

If during the Marathon Mr Jones feels tired, what should he do?

  • “Lie down and have a nap” (Nursery)
  • “Don’t say no! Give it a Go!”
  • “Try walking for a bit” (Years 1&2)
  • “Remember we are cheering for you!!” (Years 1&2)
  • “Have a nap on the nearest bench” (Year 3)
  • “Jog slowly” “Don’t fall over” (Year 6)

How should Mr Jones celebrate when he completes the Marathon?

  • “Do a wiggle wiggle dance” (Nursery)
  • “Have a cup of tea” (Reception)
  • “Run back to Wales”   “Victory Dance” (Years 1&2)
  • “Do the worm!”
  • “Stand on the top of Big Ben and shout “Dwi wedi ei neud o!”
  • “Put on your superman outfit” (Year 3)
  • “Cartwheel!” (Year 5)

Good luck messages

  • “Run run as fast as you can, like the Gingerbread Man” (Nursery)
  • “Rock and Roll” (Reception)
  • Years 1&2 Marathon song for Mr Jones (to the tune of Mi Welais Jac y Do)
  • Mi welais Mr Jones, Yn rhedeg Mara-thon, Hip hip hwre! Hip hip hwre! O Ysgol Craig y Don!”
  • “Good luck Mr Jones. We know you can do it!” (Year 3)
  • “All of Ysgol Craig y Don know you will do well” (Year 6)