Discipline and Promoting Good Behaviour

If we are to sustain a happy and proper learning environment in school, it is very important that we establish appropriate discipline procedures.  The school depends on parents’ support in this matter.

A copy of the Home School Agreement can be found below –

Home School Agreement

We have school rules which must be followed.  These rules ensure that no child is allowed to misbehave or disrupt the smooth running of the school. These rules also ensure that the vast majority of children, who want to work and learn, have a right to an effective education.

The school’s motto is as follows:  Respect, Friendship and Effort


We use a traffic lights system to ensure good behaviour.

Red means ‘time out’ or loss of privileges.

Amber means a warning has been given

Green means good behaviour

Each Class also has its own set of rules


Positive praise and assertive discipline are used throughout Years 3 to 6.