Updated January 2023

The School’s Curriculum Rational can be found in the two following links –

Craig Y Don Curriculum Rational FINAL – 1

Craig Y Don Curriculum Rational FINAL – 1 Craig Y Don Curriculum Rational FINAL – 2

It has been produced with input from parents, carers, pupils, Governors, staff members and the Parent Partnership within school.

This document was produced as in September 2022, a New Curriculum for children aged 3 – 16 was was rolled out across Wales.  Please click the link below to watch a video about the New Curriculum.

(16) Curriculum for Wales animation – YouTube




The Conwy County Borough Council operates a bilingual policy in all its schools.

The aim is to develop the ability of pupils within the county so that they may become confidently bilingual and can be full members of the bilingual society of which they are a part.

All educational establishments within the county should reflect and reinforce the language policy in their administration, their social life and their pastoral arrangements, as well as in their academic provision.  It will be the responsibility of the Authority (in conjunction with the Head and the School Governors) to ensure that competent teachers are available in order that the proportion of time allocated to the teaching of both Welsh and English is in accordance with National Curriculum requirements.

Schools or units where Welsh is the main medium of instruction will be available, within reasonable travelling distance, for all children whose parents desire such provision.  Children in such schools will have regular and frequent instruction in English throughout their time in the Infant and Junior Schools.


A cross-county representation of Conwy headteachers are members of the County Welsh Working Party.  The main aim of the group, with the support of the Athrawon Bro, is to ensure that the provision and support for the development of the Welsh Language meets the needs and requirements of schools.

Nursery Education

Our aim is to ensure, through sensitively structured provision and organisation, that each child receives a firm foundation in Welsh in order to enable him/her, in due course, to attain the aim of full bilingualism.


Our aim is to build on the Welsh language foundations laid through Nursery Education; to consolidate and develop the mother tongue of children who are Welsh learners; to extend the competence in English of children from Welsh speaking homes.


Our aim is to consolidate each child’s capabilities in Welsh and English, both active and receptive so as to progressively develop his/her skills in speaking, reading and writing fluently and confidently in both languages.  (Special provision will be made for Junior late-comers)


The School works closely with the EAL service provided by Conwy County Borough Council.


Ysgol Craig y Don has well established arrangements for identifying and providing for individual pupils’ additional learning needs.  It is our policy to assess pupils’ needs as early as possible.  The Code of Practice provides for close monitoring of this provision,  which can be in the form of in-class support, short term withdrawal  for support or simplification of the curriculum to enhance basic studies.

During all stages in the provision for a pupil’s special needs, we seek to work closely with parents/carers, and emphasise the importance of good working relationships between the school and home.


Our school aims to be an inclusive school.  We actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils, or groups of pupils.  This means that equality of opportunity must be a reality for all our children, and this of course includes pupils with disabilities.  We will ensure that pupils with disabilities have the same opportunities as non-disabled pupils to benefit from the education our school provides.

Our Accessibility Plan details the changes required to our buildings and to other aspects of our school, so that we fulfil our legal requirements, and remove barriers to inclusion for all pupils and staff with disabilities.

Sporting Activities

Wherever possible, the school will support pupils with sports clubs outside of school. If necessary and reasonable, pupils will be allowed time away from school to represent and/or train with sporting squads and organisations. General attendance levels will be considered and any decision to allow time for such activities is at the discretion of the Headteacher.

The school encourages all pupils to participate in physical activities and sports. The focus within the curriculum is on the development of Physical Literacy which provides pupils with the necessary skill set to participate in sports. Extra curricular clubs are an opportunity fpr pupils to develop skills within sports, both individually and in teams.