Additional Activities /

Afterschool Clubs


The following Afterschool Clubs are currently held for Junior pupils –

Girls Football (Years 5 to 6)

Mixed Football (Years 5 to 6)



Information on Afterschool Clubs will be supplied to interested pupils in school.

School Choir

We are very proud of our School Choir. They perform at various local venues during the year.  The Choir also has the opportunity to attend the CanSing Event with the Welsh National Opera normally during June.

Urdd Participation

The school takes part in the Urdd Eisteddfod.  Children can compete in various competitions such as singing (individual and group), reciting (individual and group), choir, arts and crafts, and Action Song.  Further details of the Eisteddfod dates can be found on the Urdd website.  The Urdd organisation also offer sporting competitions.  Membership of the Urdd can be made by parents/carers on-line.

National Standards Cycle Training (Year 5)

This is organised by CCBC and is offered to Year 5 pupils.

Parents will receive a consent form for their child to take part in this scheme.  Children need to bring their bike/helmet to school on the cycle training days however CCBC do have a limited number of spare bikes and helmets.


Wheels for a Week

This event was organised for the first time during September 2018 and was a great success!  Pupils were encouraged to come to school by bike/scooter/skate board to promote health and wellbeing.


PrePedal – provided free from CCBC for Reception Classes – is a new and exciting way of teaching early years children how to ride a bicycle and will take place within the school grounds.

Kerbcraft (Year 1) – CCBC

This is offered to children in Year 1 and is run by CCBC.  In 2022 both Year 1 & Year 2 pupils will be participating.


School Educational Visits

We believe children learn best by being in contact with real situations, either in the classroom or outside. Consequently, we are aware of the advantages of visits and see them as an expected extension of the learning situation for children within our case. Sometimes these visits mean we have to ask you for voluntary contributions to help cover the costs. On these occasions your child will always bring home a letter specifying the amount and the dates arranged.  Parents/carers will also be e-mailed a copy of the letter and payment must be made by Parent Pay.

Sports Days

Residential 1 night stay Glan Llyn (Year 4 or 5)

Residential 2 nights stay Cardiff or Glan Llyn (Year 6)


Nativity Concerts & Carol Services

PTA EVENTS include –

  • Film Nights (Juniors and Years 1 and 2)
  • Valentines Disco (Juniors)
  • Monster Ball (Years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6)
  • Christmas Disco (Juniors) in school time
  • Christmas Parties (Infants) in school time
  • Christmas Fair
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Summer Fair
  • Monster Ball (October)


The school supports local and national charities.  Examples include – Red Nose Day,  McMillan Biggest Coffee Morning, Ty Gobaith,  T4U Shoeboxes and Children in Need