The aim of the school is to provide our pupils with a learning environment in which each individual will feel known and valued for what he/she brings to us.  We should see him/her not only as a pupil in school but as a member of the community of the school and of the larger community beyond.

We must also remember that he/she is a member of a family and that much of what he/she does in school is influenced by his/her life outside school.  With this in mind, we set ourselves he aim of working closely with parents.

The main aim of the school is to create a pleasant learning environment – one which will enlarge the pupil’ knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and lead to an awareness of moral values.

To this end, we try to look at the child in the whole and endeavour to ensure that for each individual pupil, the time spent at Ysgol Craig y Don will be an enjoyable experience – one which enhances his/her physical, mental, social and emotional development.

When the time comes for pupils to leave our school, they should have had a firm educational foundation upon which to attain their full potential and, in time, become active participants and confident contributors to an ever changing society.